nedeľa 29. novembra 2009

Photoshpaceerek... morning in village Koš :-)

It's good to be outside... but does it have to be so cold???

...and muddy?

Some tunning style photos of Martin's ride... Škoda rulez!!!


Milan photographing TV Joj HQ :)

So quiet, so abandoned... Milanko decided to jump over the gate and take some pictures...

...I was already holding his camera and Milan was about to try to get in... when this doggy appeared out of nowhere :-D ...well, actually it came from the house ...funny moment... but doggy showed to be friendly... still, we didn't want to try if he stays friendly after we jump over the gate :) I went to take some shots of cemetery nearby says "Beware, sand is watched by satellite" :)

...and Milan was still playing with that dog :-D

I managed to put my hand with camera in one of the windows a took this interior shot :)

Landscapes... not my cup of tea :)

Martin :)

Ars Preuge meeting in Ccafé in Prievidza :)

Ccafé evening... that day we oficially founded Ars Preuge and signed the registration :)

Maxo :)

You see that guilty look? She was late!!! :-D

Trying to print Ars Preuge documents... and the printer is not working... as usually :)

...what are we going to do now? ...Maxo saved us, took the flashdisc to his place and printed the documents... thanks!

Tomáš... daydreaming, as usally :)

Popcorn with butter... and soon the Ccafé smelled as if some soldiers took their shoes off :)

Rolo :)

...and some guy who's name I can't remember :)


and her friend doing some schoolwork :)

...planning all the wonderful culture events we're going to make :)